The Education Advocacy Trust (EdAT) was established to promote the mutual professional interests of education and training psychologists through fund raising and other political activities. The Trust works with the American Psychological Association Practice Organization political action committee (APAPO-PAC) to support members of Congress or federal candidates who champion legislative initiatives that increase federal support and/or funding for psychology education and training.

Because EdAT is a separate 501(c)(6) organization, we are able to conduct advocacy activities free of the IRS provisions that constrain APA, a 501(c)(3) organization. Currently, our activities are primarily funded by voluntary contributions from psychologists and psychology faculty, students and researchers.

Nurturing Psychology's Champions

Since its inception in 2005, EdAT has created unique opportunities for the psychology community to personally engage in political activities. By attending fundraising events in support of key members of Congress, psychologists are able to speak directly to congressional leaders who are working to increase federal investments in psychology workforce programs. EdAT staff has also been able to attend fundraisers to underscore the contributions of health service psychologists in Community Health Centers, Federally Qualified Health Centers and National Health Service Corps sites. EdAT enables psychologists to speak directly with members of Congress about legislation of interest to the broad discipline of psychology and of vital concern to the psychology education and training community.